Home Tuition Rates

2020 Estimated Home Tuition Rates

The home tuition rates in the table below serves only as a reference and estimate. The actual tuition rates depends on the tutor’s qualifications, experience tutoring, schedule and location.

Choosing a suitable tutor depends on the requirements of the student and budget. Thus, our agents are at your service to help you make the right match. We will comb through our database of 45,000 tutors, and carefully short-list a list of tutors that best match your requirements and budget.

Hourly Tuition Rates

Tuition Level A Levels / Diploma Tutors Under Graduate Tutors Graduate Tutors Ex/Current MOE Teachers
Lower Primary Tuition
$15 - $20
$20 - $30
$20 - $35
$45 - $55
Upper Primary Tuition
$20 - $25
$20 - $35
$25 - $40
$45 - $55
Lower Secondary Tuition
$20 - $30
$25 - $35
$30 - $45
$45 - $60
Upper Secondary Tuition
$25 - $35
$25 - $40
$30 - $50
$50 - $80
JC Tuition
$30 - $35
$30 - $50
$40 - $60
$70 - $100

Category of Tutors

undergrad tutor

(A Levels / Diploma / Under Graduate) Student Tutors

Student tutors are tutors who are currently undergoing junior college or tertiary education. They are the most cost effective category of tutors, however they are more updated with the current school curriculum.

They are very well qualified for Primary to Secondary students. Their schedule is relatively flexible depending on their school's timetable and examinations.

graduate tutor

Graduate Part-Time Tutors

Part-time tutors are university graduates who hold a full-time job besides tutoring. They are better qualified than student tutors and most of them are very experienced tutors, who continued tutoring after they have graduated.

Depending on their experience, they command a higher tuition fee compared to student tutors. However due to their full-time job, their tuition schedule are less flexible, with tuition scheduled in the evenings and weekends.

full time tutor

Graduate Full-Time Tutors

Full-time tutors are university graduates who tutor as their full-time job. They are the most committed category of tutors as they usually do not have a day job besides tutoring. Most full-time tutors are highly experienced tutors and are very familiar with the current school syllabus.

Depending on their experience, they can command a higher tuition fee compared to student tutors. Their schedule can be relatively flexible depending on their popularity as they are highly sought after by students taking their national examinations.

moe tutor

(Current / Ex) MOE Teachers

Current & Ex MOE teachers are a popular choice of home tutors due to their comprehensive knowledge of the education system. Due to their background, they are able to identify the focus of study as well as spot questions that may appear in examinations. They also possess the best ability to effectively communicate and teach educational materials.

This category of tutors command the highest home tuition fee. Ex-teachers' tuition schedule can be relatively flexible depending on their popularity, while current teachers can be inflexible due to their full-time job as a teacher.

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