Terms & Conditions

1. Referrer and client will receive $10 each in cash via Bank Transfer after the client have completed 4 weeks of lessons with our tutor.

2. To be eligible, the client must enter the referrer’s email address in the online request form (under ‘Referrer’s email address’)

3. The cash rebate is limited to one per client

4. There is no limit to the referrer reward, as long as each referred client is a new client of Excel Tuition Agency and have met the criteria stipulated in 5 & 6 of this terms & conditions.

5. Cash rebate and referrer reward will be awarded within 7 days, after the client have paid Excel Tuition Agency for the first 2 weeks of lessons & the tutor for the subsequent 2 weeks of lessons. Payments to Excel Tuition Agency and the tutor must be made promptly, within 24 hours of receiving the invoice and right after the 4th lesson respectively to be eligible for the cash rebate and referrer reward.

6. In the event the client requires a replacement tutor from Excel Tuition Agency, the client and referrer will still be eligible for the cash rebate and referrer reward respectively, as long as the client have paid for 4 weeks of lessons to Excel Tuition Agency, the original tutor and the replacement tutor in accordance to the client’s terms & conditions.

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