Levels & Subjects Taught By Tutors From Our Tuition Agency

pre-school education


English, Phonics, Creative writing, Maths, Mother tongue (Chinese, Malay, Tamil, etc), Music, Art and craft, Abacus

primary tuition

Primary School

Languages: English, Mother tongue (Chinese, Malay, Tamil etc), Higher Mother Tongue (Higher Chinese, Higher Malay, Higher Tamil, etc), Foundation English, Foundation Mother Tongue (Foundation Chinese, Foundation Malay, Foundation Tamil, etc)

Mathematics and Sciences: Maths, Science, Foundation Maths, Foundation Science,

secondary tuition

Secondary School

Languages: English, Mother tongue (Chinese, Malay, Tamil, etc), Higher Mother Tongue (Higher Chinese, Higher Malay, Higher Tamil, etc)

Mathematics and Sciences: E-Maths, A-Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Combined Science (Physics/Chemistry), Combined Science (Chemistry/Biology), Combined Science (Physics/Biology), Principles of Accounts, Computer Studies, Biotechnology, Design Studies, Fundamental of Electronics

Humanities & Arts: History, Geography, Literature in English, Social Studies, Combined Humanities (Social Studies/Literature), Combined Humanities (Social Studies/Geography), Combined Humanities (Social Studies/History), Literature in Chinese, Malay Literature, Tamil Literature, Art and Design, Music, Higher Art, Higher Music, Drama, Economics, Business Studies, Introduction to Enterprise Development, Media Studies (English), Media Studies (Chinese)

jc tuition

Junior College

Knowledge Skills: General Paper, Knowledge & Inquiry, Project Work

Languages: Mother tongue (Chinese, Malay, Tamil, etc)

Mathematics & Sciences: Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Maths, F-Maths, Statistics, Computing, Principles of Accounting

Humanities & Arts: Economics, Geography, History, Literature in English, China Studies in English, China Studies in Chinese, English Language and Linguistics, General Studies in Chinese, Art, Translation (Chinese), Chinese Language & Literature, Malay Language & Literature, Tamil Language & Literature, Music, Theatre Studies & Drama, Management of Business, French, German, Japanese

IB tuition

International Baccalaureate

Languages: English, Japanese, French, Spanish, Korean, Chinese, Malay, Tamil

Knowledge Skills: Theory of Knowledge, Extended Essay

Mathematics and Sciences: Mathematical Studies, Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Biology, Computer science, Chemistry, Design Technology, Physics

Individuals and Societies: Business Management, Economics, Geography, Global Politics, History, Information Technology in a Global Society, Philosophy, Psychology, Social and Cultural Anthropology

jc tuition

Tertiary, Languages & Music

Tertiary Studies: Please contact us if you are looking for tutors teaching tertiary subjects

Languages: English, Mandarin, Malay, Tamil, Korean, Japaneses, Thai, French, German, Hindi, Arabic, Others

Music: Piano, Guitar, Violin, Drum, Others

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