Frequently Asked Questions

Answer: Once you have submitted a request form, we will contact you within 24 hours to confirm the details of your requirements. Thereafter, we will send you a list of shortlisted tutors we matched with your requirements within the next 48 hours.

Answer: There are no charges for requesting a tutor. Our matching service is free even if you decide not to engage any tutor we have shortlisted for you.
We only receive a commission levied directly from the tutor’s fee, which is 50% of the first 4 weeks of the agreed tuition lessons. This commission levied is paid by you to our agency on behalf of the tutor after the end of the second week of tuition lessons. After which, you will pay the tutor directly from the third week of lessons onward.

There is a penalty charge for any late payment of the commission levied which is to be paid by you on behalf of the tutor, at $100 per tutor for every 30 days which the invoice is overdue for.

For short-term tuition requests of less than a month, you may have to pay for the commission on top of the tuition fees if the tutor request you to do so.

Answer: Please make your payment to us via Bank transfer to DBS Bank account no. 120-139221-0 .

Answer: Absolutely. Replacement of tutors is free and we encourage you to do so if you don’t find your tutor suitable for you. However, you will still be liable to pay for any lessons taken. The commission levied from the replacement tutor will still apply and be collected from you on behalf of the replacement tutor. Please contact us if you need a replacement and let us know the reason for replacing your tutor.

About us

We areĀ a tuition agency based in Singapore, specialising in providing experienced private tutors for our clients.

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