Frequently Asked Questions

Answer: Once you have submitted a request form, we will contact you within 24 hours to confirm the details of your requirements. Thereafter, we will send you a list of shortlisted tutors we matched with your requirements within the next 48 hours.

Answer: There are no charges for requesting a tutor. Our matching service is free even if you decide not to engage any tutor we have shortlisted for you.
We only receive a commission levied directly from the tutor’s fee, which is 50% of the first 4 weeks of the agreed tuition lessons. This commission levied is paid by you to our agency on behalf of the tutor after the end of the second week of tuition lessons. After which, you will pay the tutor directly from the third week of lessons onward.

There is a penalty charge for any late payment of the commission levied which is to be paid by you on behalf of the tutor, at $100 per tutor for every 30 days which the invoice is overdue for.

For short-term tuition requests of less than a month, you may have to pay for the commission on top of the tuition fees if the tutor request you to do so.

Answer: We accept payments via PayNow Transfer or Bank Transfer. Please contact us for payment details.

Answer: Absolutely. Replacement of tutors is free and we encourage you to do so if you don’t find your tutor suitable for you. However, you will still be liable to pay for any lessons taken. The commission levied from the replacement tutor will still apply and be collected from you on behalf of the replacement tutor. Please contact us if you need a replacement and let us know the reason for replacing your tutor.

1. Client’s Rights & Liabilities 
Clients can terminate the tuition at any time and they are liable to pay for all lessons provided by the tutor. There is no free trial lesson or contract to complete a fixed number of lessons.

2. Commission 
No commission or matching fee is levied on the client, unless it is a short term assignment of less than 1 month.
50% commission of the first month’s tuition fee is levied on the tutor, which is collected by Excel Tuition Agency from the client via bank transfer.
Lessons which are postponed during the first 4 weeks will not affect the commission levied. To illustrate, for a month of 8 lessons, if 1 lesson was cancelled due to any reason, the commission will still be based on 8 lessons and not 7 lessons. Payment is due when the tutor fulfills 50% of the agreed monthly lesson frequency.
For trial lessons, 30% commission of the trial lesson fee is levied on the tutor if the tutor doesn’t secure the assignment. Trial lesson fees will be paid directly to Excel Tuition Agency by the client before the fees are disbursed to the tutor according to Clause 2b of the Tutor’s Terms & Conditions.

3. Payment Obligation 
The client shall ensure that it complies with its obligation to make payment to Excel Tuition Agency on time. Payment is due net 7 days upon receiving our email invoice or payment SMS. If payment is late by more than 30 days, a late fee charge of $100 per tutor will be levied on the client for every 30 days which the invoice is overdue for. We will also commence legal action against the client to recover all arrears and legal expenses incurred in the recovery of the arrears, as well as blacklisting the client with address and contact details shared with all tuition agencies in Singapore. Additionally, a police report will be made for record purposes.

1. Eligibility
a) To be eligible, you must be a Singapore Citizen/Singapore permanent resident or a Valid Employment Pass holder.
b) On the 1st lesson, you must produce all necessary original documents to certify your academic qualifications, credentials and NRIC to the student or parents.

2a. Commission for Matched Assignments
A one-time commission of 50% of the first month tuition fee will be payable by you, but collected directly from the client by the agency. You are NOT ALLOWED to collect the commission on our behalf unless we instruct you to do so. Lessons which are postponed during the first 4 weeks will not affect the commission. For example: For a month of 8 lessons, if 1 lesson was cancelled due to any reason (eg. Holiday, medical leave, etc) commission will still be based on 8 lessons and not 7 lessons. 

2b. Commission for Trial Assignments
The trial lesson fees will be collected directly from the client by the agency, and will be disbursed to you according to scenario 1 or 2 mentioned in this clause. 1) A one-time commission of 30% of the trial lesson fee will be payable by you, if you are unsuccessful in securing the assignment. 2) If you are successful in securing the assignment, the Commission for Matched Assignment (Clause 2a) will apply, and the trial lesson fee will be disbursed to you in full after the Commission for Matched Assignments is collected.

3. Rights and Liabilities
You have the right to terminate or cancel the assignment provided that you notify your intention to do so to the client and agency as stated in clauses 4 & 5. You are hired by the client as a freelance tutor and not employed by Excel Tuition Agency in any way, therefore Excel Tuition Agency will not be handling your fees with the client other than the agency’s cut of commission as stated in clauses 2 & 5. In the event of a payment dispute with the client during the first month, we will try our best to recover any fees owed to you and the agency, but we will not be held liable for any defaulted or incomplete payment of fees from the client.

4. Cancellation of Assignment
In the event where you decided to cancel a confirmed assignment before the lesson, prior notice of 48 hours before the lesson must be given to Excel Tuition Agency. If you fail to notify of your cancellation, an administrative charge of $50 will be imposed on you.

5. Termination of Assignment
The minimum commitment period of an assignment is 1 month. In the event where the student prematurely terminates the assignment during the 1st month, you will only receive 50% of payment for all attended tuition hours. However, if the reason for the student’s termination is due to your fault as a tutor (eg. you are chronically late, constantly using mobile devices, sleeping in class, did not attend lessons without any valid explanation etc), you will bear the full commission charge.

6. Cheating
We pride our business on being honest to both our students and tutors, creating a win-win situation for all parties. Hence we treat cheating cases very seriously.
Common cheating cases such as (but not limited to) attempting to offer customer tuition discount so as to fake an early assignment cancellation for the sake of lowering the commission levied on you will result in you being liable for compensating our losses as well as any legal costs arising from the case.

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