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We are an ACRA registered tuition agency based in Singapore, specialising in providing experienced private tutors for our clients through our tutor matching services. With over 45,000 tutors in our database, we will be able to match your tutoring needs with suitable tutors for all levels and subjects. 

How Our Tuition Agency Work

As a tuition agency, we offer tutor matching services to our clients, who are students, parents or guardians with school-going children and decision-makers of tuition centres & other relevant education related organisations.

Firstly, our main objective is to search for a suitable tutor that matches the tutor requirements of our clients, in terms of budget, schedule and expertise of the tutor, before referring the suitable tutor(s) to our clients.

Secondly, our agency’s secondary objective is to maintain and acquire a database of tutors with details of each tutor’s tutoring experience, the levels and subjects they teach, their qualifications, past records from clients, contact information and lastly their basic bio. Aspiring or experienced tutors who wish to register in our database can do so by clicking this link.

All tutors referred to our clients under our agency are hired by our clients on a freelance basis, and they are paid on an hourly basis directly by our clients. As they are freelance hires, they are not under the employment of our agency. Our agency earns a commission from our tutors for each and every successful match to our (and the tutors’) clients.  Our commission is usually based on 50% of the tuition fees on the first 4 weeks of active lessons conducted by our tutors.

Lastly, one of our agency’s mission is to ensure that our clients are satisfied with the tutors that we referred them. We do so by inquiring our clients, after the initial lesson has been conducted, to find out more about their experience and opinions of our tutors in terms of suitability with their requirements and whether they faced any problems. If our clients do not find the tutors suitable, our agency will search for a replacement tutor that will better match their requirements.

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How Our Matching Services Work

1. Submit a request
Submit a request with your requirements by filling in the online form or by contacting us via WhatsApp.

2. We will contact you
We will contact you to confirm and find out more details, if necessary, about your requirements within 24 hours.

3. We will send you a list of shortlisted tutors
We will comb through our database of tutors to shortlist a few tutors suitable for your requirements and interview them, before sending you the list of tutors with details of their experience, qualifications and fees.

4. You decide on the tutor you wish to engage
You will make the decision on which of the shortlisted tutors to engage, and we will email you and the tutor the relevant contact information and address to start the first lesson.

5. We will contact you after the first lesson
We will contact you after the first lesson to find out if the tutor we matched is suitable for you. If the tutor isn’t suitable, we will get you a replacement tutor suitable to your requirements.

6. Your first payment
If you do not need a replacement tutor, your tuition fee payment for the first 2 weeks of lessons will be paid directly to us, within 7 days after the end of the second week of lessons.
If you need a replacement tutor, you will pay for any lessons that you have taken directly to us, before we send you a list of shortlisted tutors for replacement.

7. Your subsequent payments
You will pay the tutor directly for lessons taken from the third week of lessons onward.

Let Us Help You Find The Right Tutor

Gain access to thousands of tutors
We have 45,000 tutors in our database for any level and subject, including music, languages and tertiary modules.

Our matching services is free
You do not have to pay us to help you match with the right tutor, even if you do not engage the tutor we matched you with.

We have your best interests at heart
We know that effective learning depends on the chemistry between the student and tutor during tuition. Therefore, in the unlikely event that you are unsatisfied with the tutor we matched you with, we would process the termination on your behalf and match you with a replacement tutor. There is no penalty to terminate an unsuitable tutor, and you would only need to pay for the lessons that have been attended.

Great Support
We try our best to get as much details about your tuition requirements to fully understand the needs of the student before we shortlist suitable tutors & match for you. We would also follow up after the first lesson to ensure the suitability of the tutor we have matched.

We respect your privacy
We would never sell or share your data with anyone else besides the tutor you wish to engage.

Testimonials From Past Clients

Client's Terms & Conditions

1. Client’s Rights & Liabilities
Clients can terminate the tuition at any time and they are liable to pay for all lessons provided by the tutor. There is no free trial lesson or contract to complete a fixed number of lessons.

2. Commission
No commission or matching fee is levied on the client, unless it is a short term assignment of less than 1 month.
50% commission of the first month’s tuition fee is levied on the tutor, which is collected by Excel Tuition Agency from the client via bank transfer.
Lessons which are postponed during the first 4 weeks will not affect the commission levied. To illustrate, for a month of 8 lessons, if 1 lesson was cancelled due to any reason, the commission will still be based on 8 lessons and not 7 lessons. Payment is due when the tutor fulfills 50% of the agreed monthly lesson frequency.

3. Payment Obligation
The client shall ensure that it complies with its obligation to make payment to Excel Tuition Agency on time. Payment is due net 7 days upon receiving our email invoice or payment SMS. If payment is late by more than 30 days, a late fee charge of $100 per tutor will be levied on the client for every 30 days which the invoice is overdue for. We will also commence legal action against the client to recover all arrears and legal expenses incurred in the recovery of the arrears, as well as blacklisting the client with address and contact details shared with all tuition agencies in Singapore. Additionally, a police report will be made for record purposes.

About us

We are an ACRA registered tuition agency based in Singapore, specialising in providing experienced private tutors for our clients.

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